ext_86377 ([identity profile] okoshun.livejournal.com) wrote in [personal profile] brooksmoses 2016-03-12 01:23 pm (UTC)

When we moved into our new house, we received a large ring of keys. All helpfully labelled in Korean.

Then there were the random things around the house held down by scotch tape. There's a light switch at the front of the house that's scotch taped down. We just don't touch it... :)

And also, apparently our house has no way to get into the attic space. Looked everywhere. Apparently this is not legal. When I have the powder room installed upstairs thinking I might have an access door installed, but kinda worried about what we'll find up there. House was built in the 30s so it's totally possible that there's asbestos-based insulation up there. Or even better..no insulation.

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