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An observation on tomatoes

The benefits of keeping up the volunteer tomato plants that show up in one's garden (or front flowerbed!) from the homemade compost are that many of them are cheerful and hardy and they take very little effort other than staking them up.

This has, however, led to the observation that while standard bulk-handling-resilient grocery-store Roma tomatoes are passably tasty, they don't actually taste much better when homegrown than they do from the store.

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"Very little effort other than staking them up."

Suzanne raises eyebrow.

Digging them up and planting them deeper, keeping the low branches trimmed off the ground, monitoring and correcting branch growth for three months, pinching off all the early blooms for a month or two, fertilizing them twice, (and they're due again), planting marigolds around them to keep pests off, planting borage for them, and weeding occasionally. (Not to mention the loosening of the compacted clay soil and working in the compost that the tomato seeds were hiding in.)
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Well, maybe he means *besides* that. I mean, I know that's what *I* would have meant :-).

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heeeeeee :-)