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So it turns out that, although the things in the "sunchoke" bin at the local grocery store looked like (sort of large) sunchokes when I got a bag of them, and even looked rather like sunchokes when [ profile] chinders peeled them to put some in the dinner salad, they didn't quite _smell_ like sunchokes. They smelled a little ... peppery, she said. And, so, experimentally, Morgan and I each had a thin slice to taste to see if they tasted odd.

Morgan, wisely, had a tiny bite and then spat it out.

Meanwhile, I ate the whole slice, because why wouldn't one do that.

And now I know that eating a slice of raw horseradish root is not an experiment I particularly want to repeat. Yipe. Oops.

So now I need to figure out what to do with about three pounds of horseradish root.

Date: 2016-05-29 10:03 am (UTC)
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Ooh ooh, I have an answer to this I would not have had before going to Sweden! BEEF RYDBERG! It is the best!!!!!

You saute up some onions. Don't serve those to me, but I'm not there, so whatever. Separately, you dice potatoes and fry those crispy. Separately, you cook some beef in a lovely red wine sauce. Mmmm, sounds great, right? But then when you go to serve it, you give each person an egg yolk, some Dijon mustard, and fresh-grated horseradish to stir into this loveliness, so that it comes out creamy and spicy in exactly the proportions they wish.

I had not eaten meat in over a week when I got it, and it was THE BEST.


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